Our advantages
Located in the very center of St. Petersburg, opposite Palace Square
Panoramic restaurant serving European cuisine with a Russian accent
Tea ceremony with a view of the Hermitage
Breakfast buffet with a wide range of dishes
Underground parking on site
24-hour room service
Wellness Center

Private lessons

Private lessons

Yoga, stretching, parterre gymnastics, Pilates, bioginnastics

Now in our fitness center you can choose the direction depending on your individual preferences. Experienced teachers of the prima ballerina Diana Vishneva studio will recommend you one of the directions - yoga, stretching, parterre gymnastics, pilates, bioginnastics.

Yoga classes will be useful both for the development of physical data, and for those who want to feel closer to their body, develop strength of all muscle groups, balance.

Stretching (stretching) – a set of exercises for stretching the muscles of the body and developing flexibility. Good stretching helps to increase the amplitude of movements, expands their range and reduces the risk of occupational injuries.

Parterre gymnastics is a set of exercises based on classical ballet, complemented by stretching exercises, elements of Pilates and functional training.

The Pilates technique is aimed at improving strength, flexibility, endurance and stability. Pilates is suitable for various purposes: for rehabilitation, for wellness training in a fitness format, as well as for professional dancers and athletes.

Bioginnastics (Bioginnastica®️) is an Italian gymnastics for postural and bioenergetic balance. In bioginnastics, specially designed foam balls are used to work with the body, as well as music therapy, aromatherapy and relaxation massage. All this allows you to remove blocks and clamps at the level of the musculoskeletal fascial system and at the psycho-emotional level.

And in the summer, classes will be held on one of the outdoor terraces of the Bellevue restaurant, which is known for its breathtaking panorama and 360-degree view of the historic city center.

For an hour, under the guidance of a professional teacher, you will be able to develop flexibility and work out muscles, inspired by the incredible view of the main symbols of St. Petersburg: the Hermitage and Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress.

Fresh air, the best views, an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility in the heart of the city - everything is conducive to devoting time to yourself and finding inner harmony and a healthy body.

The cost of an individual lesson (yoga, stretching, parterre gymnastics, Pilates) is 4,500 rubles. The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes.

The cost of an individual lesson (bioginnastics) is 5,000 rubles. The duration of the lesson is 90 minutes.

The period of classes is from 8:00 to 21:00.

Pre-registration by phone is required.