Our advantages
Located in the very center of St. Petersburg, opposite Palace Square
Panoramic restaurant serving European cuisine with a Russian accent
Tea ceremony with a view of the Hermitage
Breakfast buffet with a wide range of dishes
Underground parking on site
24-hour room service
Wellness Center

Body treatments

Body treatments

Treat yourself and your loved ones and enjoy every minute spent in the wellness center, where everyone will find a spa treatment to their liking.

Choose one of our special offers and plunge into the wonderful world of harmony and beauty.

Classic body care

A classic massage aimed at the whole body.

The combination of techniques of the classic procedure relaxes tense muscles and improves blood circulation, has a general healing and strengthening effect.

The cost is 5,500 rubles /60 minutes 500 rubles /90 minutes 7,500 rubles /120 minutes

Lymphatic drainage body massage

The procedure is aimed at activating the lymph flow, improving the functioning of the lymphatic system. It helps to remove excess fluid, toxins from the body, eliminate puffiness and congestion.

The cost is 5,500 rubles /60 minutes 7,500 rubles /90 minutes 9,500 rubles /120 minutes

Power (intensive) body massage

Relieves excessive tension and restores muscles after physical exertion. It promotes the excretion of lactic acid, restores the efficiency and elasticity of muscles and ligaments.

The cost is 6,000 rubles /60 minutes 8,000 rubles /90 minutes 10,000 rubles /120 minutes

Author's massage

A combination of the best techniques of the Russian Oriental and European schools of spa therapy. Mixing styles allows you to achieve maximum relaxation of the body, as well as stimulate internal energy, bringing soul and body into harmony.

The cost is 6,000 rubles /60 minutes 8,000 rubles /90 minutes 10,000 rubles /120 minutes

Back care

Relieves tension, relaxes back muscles, improves blood circulation, eliminates cramps and painful sensations. It includes relaxing head and neck care that helps relieve stress, improve mood and sleep.

The cost is 3,000 rubles /30 minutes

Smooth relaxing movements increase the tone of the body, improve blood supply and warm the body. The oil penetrates the skin and nourishes every cell with vitamins and trace elements.

The cost is 6,500 rubles /75 minutes

To book a massage or for more information, please contact us by phone +7 812 335 9111 or by email front.desk@moika22-stpetersburg.com.